2022-07-24  LacunaAdded simple commands for sniff and stan main
2022-07-24  LacunaAdded home world to players table
2022-07-24  LacunaCode sniff and static analysis fixes
2022-07-24  LacunaSwapped word list and profanities list
2022-07-24  LacunaAdded world seeder
2022-07-24  LacunaAdded world builder
2022-07-24  LacunaMerge branch 'world-generation'
2022-07-24  LacunaAdded markov chain generator and tests
2022-07-24  LacunaMinor corrections for code sniffer
2022-07-24  LacunaAdded code sniffer
2022-07-24  LacunaStatic analysis fix
2022-07-24  Lacunainitial
2022-07-23  LacunaAdjusted readme to suggest migration
2022-07-23  LacunaUpdated dependencies
2022-07-23  LacunaAdded auth tests
2022-07-21  LacunaInitial revision